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Assessment Resources


Professional Books on Assessment: Read reviews written by graduate students in LITC 524.

Developmental Continuums from Hill, B.C. (2001). Developmental Continuums: A Framework for Literacy Instruction and Assessment K-8. Norwood, MA: Christopher-Gordon Publishers, Inc. Used by permission. Developmental continuums for Reading and writing aligned with the Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements.  Includes Portraits of readers and writers at each continuum stage, as well as guidelines for families to support children's ongoing literacy development.

Teacher Notebook for Assessment  MIT graduates Abigail Blastos, Laura Henderson, and Cindy Lingel (2002) prepared this web site to help teachers set up a Teacher Notebook for Assessment.

Assessment Tools
LEARNS Literacy Assessment Profile:  Observational tool developed by Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory for literacy assessment of beginning, emergent, and independent readers.
Assessment Tools: Beginning Reading: Los Angeles County Office of Education

Reading Assessment Database - Gr. K/2: Database of published assessment tools for early reading from the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory. Includes standardized tests, as well as other published assessments such as Informal Reading Inventories.

Running  Record and Miscue Analysis: Reading

Assessment Rubrics:  from Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators.  Links to a wide range of resources on rubrics.

RubiStar Rubric Generator:  Powerful rubric-generating site from University of Kansas, High Plains Regional Technology in Education Consortium.  See also:  Rubrics in Spanish.

High-Stakes Testing

ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation
Test Locator: Database of information on published standardized tests from the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation

Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation: Online journal of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation.

Search ERIC Digests -- Assessment articles and ERIC Digests

ERIC Digests on Literacy Assessment:  ERIC Digests compile of research-based information on a range of literacy topics. Type "assessment" into the search field, then click on "Search Digests"
ERIC Bibliographies on Assessment:  Bibliographies of print and Web-based resources. Type "assessment" into the search field, then click on "Search Bibs"

CRESST: National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing. Conducts research on important topics related to K-12 educational testing.

Office of Educational Research & Improvement:  U.S. Department of Education

Pathways to School Improvement:  Resources on a wide range of school-improvement issues from North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.  On assessment, see these links:

Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction

Reading Writing

Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement:

Reading Online:  Online journal of the International Reading Association

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory:  Assessment and Evaluation Program

Preparing Your Elementary Students to Take Standardized Tests: Chicago Public Schools

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